Monday, Day 1, Busy Week Ahead

Still seven active cases, and I am eagerly awaiting the moment when that number goes down. An event which may never happen if people keep trying to come in here from plague countries.

So here's the PLN for this week

  • Monday - House unfuckening and the usual writing biz, getting Miss Chaos pointed in the right direction for another weeks' routine. Also, there's a thing on at Chaos' School about Positive Behaviour Learning in the afternoon
  • Tuesday - Shrink time! Still bonkers but I have a lot of bile to vent about Repugnican cowardice and immorality [see news below] and maybe some anguish about Tech Support for the Technologically Terrified. Also Patreon Day
  • Wednesday - since my "white adjacent" bread was such a hit, I'm making two more loafs to see how they freeze. Also Wordpress Day
  • Thursday - finally a day to chill. Ish. This will be the day that absolutely everything goes tits up and I will have the most backwards day of them all
  • Friday - the final 1K after this weeks' 500 words per diem so I can make 3K per week. PLNs to have a day or two to myself will implode for sure

It's just the way it is. I know it. Any day I look forward to chill time during a hectic week, I never have a chill time beyond "more sleeping than usual". Whee.

In the news:

  • Repugnicans reveal themselves to be the spineless cowards they truly are by voting to acquit the Muppet. However, this doesn't stop criminal prosecution now that he's out of office
  • New rules for Aus/NZ travel after new cases have been detected
  • Doctor tells us how often we should poop - "consistently"
  • More Victoria cases linked to plague inn
  • Ebola breaks out again
  • Valentines day flops under lockdown
  • White tiger cubs die from the plague. NOW politicians will unite to eliminate the virus -_-
  • Outbreak in NZ leads to panic buying
  • Race faker who once claimed to be "black on the inside" now howling about how nobody will hire her. Diddums
  • Human remains found inside a croc

At least I have a lot of grist for my mill...