Monday, Day 0, Some Damn Fine Shenanigans

Plague news: two new cases, both imports. Eleven total, nine in hospital.

Yesterday, I have learned some leet interface skillz. Enough to maybe outline a bare-bones tag entry system. I can only try. Just... not this morning because this nerd needs to go shopping.

Bulk bacon bits [because we go through them like billy-oh], coffee, vegemite, rubbish bin and laundry hamper. It's the little things that make the difference, sometimes. And these little things will be making a lot of travel for yours truly.

Now that the bathroom is paid for, I am considering my next goal, and whittling my way towards a pile of cashola for an editor is not very appealing for my readers over on Peakd. OTOH, it means an increased chance of selling my book to a publisher, so... I gotta take the path that's better for my long term.

...even though getting my hands on a copy of ToonBoom would do wonders for my goal of making animatic fids...

That's self-indulgence territory.

In the news:

  • There is now a Princess Lilibet Diana, thanks mostly to Meghan Markle
  • More infections in aged care homes
  • Anonymous sets their sights on Musk
  • Delivery driver caught on camera beating a woman for calling her a b*tch
  • Not one, but two mobs are making bricks out of recycled plastic

Onwards towards my noise.