Monday, Day 0, Sideways!

Plague news: Seven new cases, all imports. Twenty active cases, ten in hospital.

I have just programmed an entire feature into my app all by myself and I'm very proud of myself. It's just missing some iconography, but that's all that's holding it up IMHO.

Tale Foundry was late reading stories because Lurgi. Therefore, the assorted readers will be late reading theirs communally because the late reading put delay into everything. Similarly, I can't post my Amalgam Universe story as an offering until the thing is open for submits.

One little sniffle can ruin so many things. Just ask the Plague.

Today, I am back onto the novel once more, unfuckening the house, and my regular amount of nonsense. BUT... I may also be putting tags onto my stories on the app in progress! Yay!

In the news:

  • Theory that Meghan Markle is a pawn in someone else's chess game
  • Australia headed for economic disaster
  • Plague surge fears now that more people are acting like dickheads
  • PLNs to ban plastic coffee cups
  • Eat these foods for mental health
  • US expat surprised by... the word "Maccas"
  • WoW now has classic releases for those who want to play the older versions of the game
  • China growing a military presence on the waves

And now, it is bus o'clock. Time to work on the novel.