Challenge #03076-H153: Charms to Tame the Savage Breast

A first contact between humans and a new species almost degrade to a war, until they hear humanity music for the first time... -- Tom

First contact is... risky. Both sides have no idea what to expect out of the other. One species' friendly greeting can be another's instant death threat, or grave insult to their grandmother. In a situation where any move could be hostile, it's safe to move very still and do one's best to try and read the other party. Which left the seemingly eternal question - eye contact or no eye contact.

Given these problems, it should therefore be no surprise that both parties, upon first meeting, make the very wise choice to run away. Those who dare return and take risks with their minds open to accepting mistakes are the ones who make great progress or, at minimum, interesting pieces of history.

Remembering this, Human Dio tried hir best. It was quite the process. Step one - divesting oneself of anything that could be a weapon but was also not hir livesuit. Which meant just about everything that wasn't actual livesuit. Ze felt... naked. Second step - waiting patiently where the last sighting took place. Dull. As. Heck. At least there were games in hir eyescreen.

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