Monday, Day 0, SESP Lives!

I have been investigating and learning and finding out. I can use what I already have to make SESP1 a thing again. Which means spending some of my hours working on a thing for the thing. Yay.

Labors of love take a hot while.

Meanwhile, in news of the plague, there's one new case and it's imported. Seventy-two active cases, seventy-one in hospital and two in the ICU. That's as many as one with the choice to break free and wreak hob.

In the news:

  • Muppet hit with $158 MILLION bill after contributors to his campaign try to get refunds
  • Russia's risking world war
  • Boss buys younger employee a sex toy. Stay classy
  • Rapper in medical trouble thanks to lifestyle choices
  • Mum puts daughter up for adoption as she didn't want a girl
  • Horribad weather about to hit Queensland
  • ScoMo faces awkward questions about JobKeeper
  • Boat explodes in Sydney
  • China rattles sabres at Aus
  • Woman finds a camera in her hotel shower drain. Stay classy

Today's PLN includes the Instant, the unfuckening [or maybe that's Tuesday] the 500 words, and possibly twiddling about with Clip Studio Pro. Wheeeee...

I have one choccy bunny, one baggie of mixed eggs [thanks Mum!] and a bunch of sugary drinks to dispose of before I dive back into Hard Keto(tm) for the foreseeable future. Woe is me [/sarcasm].

Let's get on with that.

  1. For those new to me and my acronyms, this is the Sleep Evil Sleep Project. A labor of love where I attempt to make a fid for my best band in the world, Steam Powered Giraffe.