Sleep Evil Sleep Project

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Monday, Day 0, SESP Lives!

I have been investigating and learning and finding out. I can use what I already have to make SESP1 a thing again. Which means spending some of my hours working on a thing for the thing. Yay.

Labors of love take a hot while.

Meanwhile, in news of the plague, there's one new case and it's imported. Seventy-two active cases, seventy-one in hospital and two in the ICU. That's as many as one with the choice to break free and wreak hob.

In the news:

  • Muppet hit with $158 MILLION bill after contributors to his campaign try to get refunds
  • Russia's risking world war
  • Boss buys younger employee a sex toy. Stay classy
  • Rapper in medical trouble thanks to lifestyle choices
  • Mum puts daughter up for adoption as she didn't want a girl
  • Horribad weather about to hit Queensland
  • ScoMo faces awkward questions about JobKeeper
  • Boat explodes in Sydney
  • China rattles sabres at Aus
  • Woman finds a camera in her hotel shower drain. Stay classy

Today's PLN includes the Instant, the unfuckening [or maybe that's Tuesday] the 500 words, and possibly twiddling about with Clip Studio Pro. Wheeeee...

I have one choccy bunny, one baggie of mixed eggs [thanks Mum!] and a bunch of sugary drinks to dispose of before I dive back into Hard Keto(tm) for the foreseeable future. Woe is me [/sarcasm].

Let's get on with that.

  1. For those new to me and my acronyms, this is the Sleep Evil Sleep Project. A labor of love where I attempt to make a fid for my best band in the world, Steam Powered Giraffe.

Off we pop

Headed back home to sunny Queensland, today. We've given ourselves until midday to shift on out of the place we're renting, and planned a leisurely toddle towards the Adelaide airport for the hurry-up-and-wait.

I am definitely making certain I have access to my headphones so I can listen to some good tunes1 all the way home.

And I will be extremely glad of my nice comfy home that doesn't creak ominously when you head off to one of the loos.


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Last full day in Morgan

There's nothing planned for today, but I would like to pop over to the museum, later on. I, for one, will be very glad to get back home to a bed that's actually comfortable to sleep in. Beloved will also be glad of that respite, I am sure.

Tomorrow, we pack everything up and get ready to exit Morgan, head to Adelaide airport, and do the whole hurry-up-and-wait noise all over again. All so we can return to our home so late

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