Monday, Day 0, need to get wriggling

School holidays are coming to an end, so Miss Chaos and I need to make some decisions. Undies, lunch box arrangements, water bottle nonsense, pants, but shoes are a MUST.

Last year's shoes should really be found and tossed. They were three breaths from falling apart anyway.

But not today. Today, I am unfuckening the house and cleaning away the bread mess of the weekend, and then slobbing for the rest of the day. Perhaps working on the prompt from Tale Foundry. I'll see when I get there. I have a prompt to work on today.

I re-started my work on Kosh's journal this morning and I've learned a few things:

  1. It's the paper, not the pen or the ink, that cause issues with writing in there
  2. calligraphy pens pick up shiffraff and make writing in it impossible
  3. the glass pen is actually better for writing on the artisinal paper than the calligraphy one
  4. the glass pen actually works better on the artisinal paper if it's only half-dipped in the cheap-as ink I got with the aforementioned calligraphy pen

I got a page done, learning this. I might do more at another time.

Nothing wrong with artisinal paper, mind. It's pretty to look at and probably wonderful to contemplate an art piece with it. It's my mistake to try and write in it with ink and quill. It would have been easier to write with a ballpoint or a pencil... but that's not what I'm aiming at.

It's part of the story of the thing. My character had little coin when he got the journal, so he opted for (in-universe) bad paper and cheap supplies. In this reality, the journal and the supplies cost a smidge more than a handful of copper coins.

In the news:

  • Car crashes through Melbourne home, the driver and the home's dog are missing
  • Pfizer vaccine under investigation for potentially causing deaths in the elderly - all victims were noted as "very frail"
  • Tennis stars horrified by quarantine hotel food
  • Muppet still insists that Covid-19 was a lab leak with little in the way of proof "covid-like symptoms" does not mean "covid"
  • Masks are mandatory in NSW and will stay there until further notice
  • Ivanka posts list of Muppet accomplishments, gets truth-bombed
  • Neonazis call for the US troops to assassinate the left. Charming
  • Words "Indo Pacific" appear in US report, China incensed
  • Muppet plots revenge against the 10 who were brave enough to vote against him, details unclear
  • Plague found in ice cream
  • Biden inauguration is going to be a clusterfuck and it's all the Muppet's fault
  • Plans in place to ban vaccine refusalists from just about everywhere, cue parallels being drawn to "the mark of the beast"
  • Mitch McConnel holds the Sword of Damocles over Muppet's head, and it all hinges on him deciding to state publicly that he will impeach

Oh boy. It's a bit cramped in there. I'm scared for the state of the world.