Monday, Day 0, Long Day Ahead

Plague news: Three new cases, all local. There's seven total active cases, four of them are in hospital. Australia's at 92% first vax, 86.7% fully vaxxed. Queensland is still lagging massively behind almost everyone else at 86% first vax, 75.9% fully vaxxed. The only state/territory in last place is still WA.

I have few plns beyond getting some rest and attending the Tale Foundry read. Mondays are my low-stress day now. Mostly because I get all of my stress out of the way NICE and early.

The Heist happened - with the assistance of the Phandalin Town's Watch because my lot decided to use wisdom water.

Nevertheless, they did still set off one of my nasty little traps because greed wins with at least one of my players. The downside is - now they have a Fantasy Pokeball.

In the news:

  • Health official in Botswana blames the western world and not evenly distributing vaccines for the current variant of the plague and SHE IS RIGHT
  • Newest plague variant almost called "Nu" or "Xi", Nu avoided because confusion, Xi bypassed because diplomacy
  • Omicron's already in Australia
  • We still need 100 days for an Omicron vax

Ugh. It's again.