Challenge #03229-H320: Prepared For Anything

They found a planet that was, at most, a level 1 to level 2 deathworld. It was a cooler planet still within its sun goldilocks zone, but barely. They'd never seen snow, or dealt with cold temperatures. But the humans enjoyed the exploration, seeing all the animals adapted to semi-mild, yet still arctic, conditions, the conifer like trees, and having the occasional snowball fight for laughs. -- Anon Guest

Tundra, taiga, arctic ice. Whilst technically a tolerable Deathworld, the crew of the survey vessel Explorer Fancy were largely wondering exactly who would find it tolerable. That is, until the Ships' Humans got out in it.

The alarming part was that they had pop-out adaptations for the climate pre-installed in their livesuits. They were zooming down the snow-covered hills on skis. Pelting each other with balls made out of snow. Making effigies out of pre-frozen precipitate. In brief, doing anything but their jobs.

If the Humans were relaxed enough to mess about, then it may yet bode well for the planet. Until someone yelled, "Bear!"

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