Challenge #03230-H321: One Close Call in a Tourist Destination

The humans were laughing about something. That was, by itself, potential cause for alarm. The contents of their conversation, heard between bouts of laughter, was even more alarming.

"And then, he looked up into my eyes and froze."

"And then?"

"Then he turned, realized that he had to look UP into your eyes, and looked like he was about to mess his pants!"

"And he said something, right? I didn't catch it."

"He apologized for the inconvenience, said he didn't mean anything by it, and then turned and ran."

"We're not THAT scary, are we?"

"We were both blankface, and I don't know about you, but I was about ready to rip one of his ears off for going for my bags like that."

"Oh. I was going to bounce his head off the pavement to knock him out real quick so we could walk away."

"Aw, you're sweet."

"Why his ear?"

"To hold him still so you could get to him, of course."

"Makes sense."

"Haha! This vacation is WAY more fun than I expected it to be!" -- Escla

On the plus side, the visiting Humans were happy. On the minus side, a close encounter with Attempted Robbery was not on the usual visitor's itinerary. Security Officer Thane caught up with the group. "My pardons, cogniscents. Is there something you would like to report? A crime?"

"It's only a crime if they do it, right? Attempted whatever only counts if its damaging to life or lifestyle[1]?"

"Poor little thing was only trying to lift my dummy wallet." The almost-victim showed Thane his wallet. It was full of food and medicine coupons[2]. "Even if they had stolen it, it was no big deal."

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