Merry Roadtrip!

I'm off again into the mountainous, twisting, animal-corpse-scattered roads of Australia on a day-long trip all the way from Tullagawoopwoop to my home sweet home.

Just like before, I'm taking breaks when safe, every two hours or so. Driving carefully at all occasions and staying below the speed limit at all times.

Unlike before, I have a part of my car that is currently held in place with packing tape and a prayer. If it even looks like it's coming loose at any point, I will stop when safe and add more and hope.

The good news for y'all, though, is that I have today's Instant ready to rock and roll. Soon as that's out on the circuits, my agenda is:

  • Coffee and meds
  • Clothes for the day
  • Pack my shit
  • Bid my friendo farewell
  • Take off

I'm mostly packed but, as a thoroughgoing nerd, I have electronica and electronica has batteries that need charging, so the last of my technoscrattle goes in just as I'm ready to leave.


The dawn is not yet here and I do prefer roaming the countryside in daylight hours, so story real soon now and then I get my coffee.