Challenge #02193-E364: Baby Steps Please

Welcome to wizardry, where people with awful ideas and no social skills invoke supernatural forces to gain power and respect. Almost makes you want to tap out and start a little shop selling healing potions, huh? -- Anon Guest

They say that anyone could be a wizard. They never say whether or not anyone should be a wizard. This was zipping through Lady Anthe's mind as she raced after Melvin and the phantasm he had conjured. She was the fastest of the group and Melvin had Wraithvine's wand.

The good news was that a phantasmal steed was only good for one hour. The bad news was that that might not be the spell that Melvin had accidentally managed to cast. The magic within him had truly erupted in a spectacular way.

Anthe sprang between trees that the... whatever... had had to go around, carrying a screaming Melvin with it. In a handful of leaps, she was on him and screaming, "Tell it to stop! It's yours! Tell it to stop!"

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