Long Weekend? IDK (Day Three!)

Miss Chaos thinks today is a schoolday and she's eager to rock and roll. I don't blame her to be honest. The desire to return to routine is strong. I miss being able to go about and do whatever whenever without fear of nonsense.

...speaking of wherever and whatever, I fully expect to get that power supply for my Drobo and therefore have less to worry about when and if my extant compy dies. I still have $1.3K to save up for that and not earning money from my writing chafes more than a little.

Police are now arresting people protesting the lockdown rules. It only took them a handful of seconds to compare this to Nazi-ism in a true yikes moment. There's also people claiming that the plague is a hoax. Ugh.

In other news:

  • A new tick-bourne virus has re-emerged in China [why is China the source of so many plagues?]
  • The Muppet runs away from the press when they ask the interesting questions. Again
  • Mother who named her kids with interesting spelling now pissed off that kids have changed it to something way more logical
  • Septicaemic plague has killed in the USA. It's a close relative of Bubonic Plague and once again housing for the poor is a direct suspect
  • Covid-19 has a new comorb - persistent hiccoughing
  • More cases of Covid-19 in NSW linked to schools
  • Escalating conspiracy theories in Beirut lead to protests and public ire against the administration
  • Quarantine hotel clusterfucks the direct result of orders to please those staying there over actual concerns for public health
  • Police arrested Sydneysider pervert for filming up womens' skirts on public transport. One down, howevertheheckmany thousands to go

It's no great shock that the antivaccers and the antimaskers share a common thought process: Our Health Decisions Are More Important Than Yours.

They will bend their arguments into pretzels rather than acknowledge that some diseases are real or that vaccines work to stop them. In my less charitable moments, I wish they could form their own insular colonies and leave the rest of us to favour science rather than trying to infect the rest of us with their particular brand of insanity.

Anyway, I've been able to write a bit of KOSBOB and now I owe you a bespoke short fiction.