Long Monday Once More Again

Somehow we managed to get a honkload of nonsense out of the house. The skip shall be going away today. With a full load of BS.

Today there is the Tale Foundry backup readings. Since the Foundry read my story on their stream, I shall be volunteering my reading skills to anyone too shy or too unpresent to read theirs.

We have new materials for the sullage system pipes and that will be going in at the end of the month. I have a new selection of pants which are VERY welcome as my other pants were disintegrating at the waistline :P

It's long Monday. I have been awake since 10PM on Sunday night. The murder hobos are pranking each other again, and threatening to TPK along with their new mobile home.

Fun times.

I do not expect very much out of myself today. After I post the story, I shall be chasing Miss Chaos towards school. Then I shall be a blob for the majority of the rest of today.

Unless Beloved has other plns.