Challenge #03367-I079: Accomplished As Asked

They trick a CEO into signing over a planet that is extremely resource poor, about the same size as earth, and thanks to the CEO's hunting and fishing behaviors, almost completely devoid of wildlife. Once signed and delivered, the contract completely ironclad, they made sure of that, they immediately registered the planet under their name as an ALLIANCE planet, removing it from the Dereg empire altogether.

Then they got going renewing the wildlife and rebalancing the ecosystems. But this planet became a food forest. Dandelions, thornless berries, kudzu, wild yams, wild vegetables, wild herbs, wild fruit, thousands of types of fruit, herbivores to eat fast-growing plants, carnivores to keep herbivores from overgrazing, etc. And, something that caused the CEO to gnash their teeth and throw a fit? An entire orchard of Dreamfruit. And there was nothing the CEO could do about it even as it was being advertised now as a planet where everyone, no matter where they were from or how poor they were, could get all the fresh food they needed for free. As long as they didn't ravage the planet or damage anything that is.

The reference to Dreamfruit is from here - -- Anon Guest

Welcome to Grove, said the sign at the spaceport. Nobody leaves hungry. A fully-refurbished Edenworld,reclaimed from the hands of Deregger malevolence[1]. Regrown almost from scratch.

Every plant that could plausibly feed a cogniscent grows here. Every animal, too. Come for the gene stock. Stay for the restaurants.

CEO Lyman Sterling Wolfbridge absolutely hated that it existed. He was spending his entire fortune to build a force capable of wiping it out of existence. Or at the very least, turning it into a molten ball of worthlessness.

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