Let's Get on With This

I had planned to get some animation done, yesterday. BUT... I had a critical brain fail.

Basically, my Beloved owns Adobe Animate and there's no such thing as a family account with Adobe because they firkin suck like that. So, in order to use Animate, I have to remember my lifemate's email and password.

In order to use Photoshop, I have to remember my email and password. Janked, I know, but that's the way this particular cookie crumbled.

Now, because my office is an OVEN in the summer, I've had six whole months or more to completely forget what the necessary info is.


So I got precisely nothing done in regards to SESP yesterday. I could have re-invigorated my work on Ellipsis Addiction's first album, This is Awkward but I was too bent out of shape by the Animate fiasco to focus on much for long.


There will be other weekends.

Today is the day that Mayhem goes to his traineeship makeup day. And I am still in a bafflement about what he's making up for. Whatever. It's scheduled, he's going, and now that he has his L plates, it will be a battle to stop him from wanting to drive on the highway.

Not yet, li'l buddy. Not yet.