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Addle Daddle

I woke up convinced it was Tuesday, a fact not helped by Chaos' early morning tautology:

A Tuesday is still a Tuesday if it happens last week or if it happens today.

Well said, Miss Chaos. Well said.

But I still had a moment of existential dread about what yesterday was since I went and did my Patreon stuff yesterday. But no, it is Wednesday and the first thing I did with Chaos [after checking that it was Wednesday] was to help her order for tuck shop. Because things be messed up that way, sometimes.

I be messed up that way, too.

One thing that tracking my intake has told me is the following: I have too many calories whilst staying under my macros. I did lose a bit of weight, but... I could do better.

Starting with more protein and less fat. I overdid the carbs, but never went over my macros. That counts as 'dirty' keto, I guess.

I'm getting back to doing things properly, I promise. Starting with focussing on my proteins rather than going ham on the fats and sweet things.

[But I like the sweet things...]

Protein first. Then fats. Then sweet treats. End discussion. Gotta be firm with myself.

Including getting all my work done for today.

Let's Get on With This

I had planned to get some animation done, yesterday. BUT... I had a critical brain fail.

Basically, my Beloved owns Adobe Animate and there's no such thing as a family account with Adobe because they firkin suck like that. So, in order to use Animate, I have to remember my lifemate's email and password.

In order to use Photoshop, I have to remember my email and password. Janked, I know, but that's the way this particular cookie crumbled.

Now, because my office

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Hocus pocus...

...I need to focus.

No lie, I actually chant that to myself when I find myself wibbling off into lala land. Depending on the day I'm having, it can be effective for maybe twenty minutes.

I don't have ADD or ADHD, I just... can't focus sometimes.

I don't know what the hell that's about, but isn't ADD. I know I have the OCD comorbs because hoarding is a problem I have to fight.

And I need to focus, today, because today is

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