It's fixed!

My car is up and able again and I now have emergency assistance. It became a thing somewhere between the time I go the car and months later, when I finally got a service.

I also had the biggest comedy of errors that anyone could hope to avoid. First - Beloved insisted I take the kids to school. On the one day that I definitely had Other Plans. Then, the car wouldn't start. So I had to nick Beloved's car while the adoration of my life stirred from a comfy bed to breathe life into my vehicle.

THEN, after an hour's round trip, and already being late, I got lost on the way because Google forgot to mention turning onto a service road. I nearly turned into the Toyota service mob until I realised that I had the wrong place.

Fortunately, they didn't mind that I was half a freaking hour late. Also fortunately, I came prepared with stuff to write, stuff to read, and my everpresent phone so I could space out on Tumblr.

And a good thing I did, because it took practically all day. I had just enough time to go home, attempt to print a couple of earring cards (the bed is askew again - boo) before it was time to zoom off again and collect my little darlings.

And of frelling course my car is nearly out of fuel by then, so I have to get $50 worth of that before I go get any further.

Fun, fun times.

Today is going to be no less fun. Beloved has a rare day off, and that means loads of running around and fixing the stuff that's been awaiting a simultaneous day off and payday to fix. Huzzah.

At least we plan to see a movie, sometime during the events, so all should be well.