Challenge #01242-C147: Confused in Translation -- Gallifreya

"It is... ah... what is word? A means of communicating when no longer present. Wisdom to be passing down from generations. Time... pressed...into formats for sharing."

"That," said M'llix, "Sounds rather impressive."

"No. Not being impressive. Is much common," said the human. "So everywhere that is ignored. People using for profession considered not having real profession. Is basis for all entertainments, but overlooked. Children is learning from young age, mastery of such."

"We too know of the adaptability of youth," said M'llix. "They can learn much that adults would struggle with."

"Is no struggle. Is practice and performance. Is..."

The other human, usually silent, said something in Human, but with one Kaltraaxi word. It was "Writing."

"Yes. Being much silly. Forgetting word. Writing. Is talk of writing."

It was going to be a long and steep learning curve.

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