Finally, mostly prepared

I have a nice set of gloves, now. And two pairs of socks to wear in my boots. And enough ginger ale to float a boat.

I should finally be able to shake these winter sniffles and ride out the rest of the cold season in relative comfort. Should.

Except that it's this bloody cold at the beginning of the season and I'm already entertaining thoughts of thermal underwear. I need to find all my polyester stuff because it's freaking perfect for winter.

And weirdly - following the flooded weekend - it's been really dry. Beloved and I have both had cases of crunchy eyeballs. Beloved's needed eye drops and me - well, I did what I always do when I have to rub my eyes a lot - I got another dose of the sniffles.

Poor Chaos has a lingering chesty cough and phlegm that won't shift. We're pulling out all the stops. Or we would be if her steam vaporiser was working. It's just one damn thing after another. I swear.

Good news: I finished the second chapter of my novel, yesterday, and commence the third today. Things are rattling along marvellously on that front, at least. And I solved the dexterity problem of typing with gloves on, by using two of my ever-present pens to tap the keys instead. I'm sill working on the typos.

I may yet get sick of this way and just type normally. Warm fingers are clumsy fingers, sadly.

And when it's warmer, my stash and I will be playing with design options. I have my sample 'flags'. Now I need some sample pretties. Three pairs of each. And I need to make that needle rig I've been gassing about for nearly a week.

I promise not to sneeze or cough on any of my work.