I have the fraids...

Got myself some fresh hot anxiety, directly from the oven of my gremlin brain. I don't even know why it's spiking NOW, but it's where I am and flakk this to heck and gone.

The focus on powering the economy in literally every nation is going to lead to more deaths and I'm just waiting for the hammer to fall. Scotty from Marketing is planning to cut Jobkeeper as soon as all the schools re-open because of course he is. This is how the second wave is going to firkin decimate the population. Possibly worse than decimation.

I'm one of those folks that the government thinks is expendable. I'm autistic, asthmatic, and I don't have a job so I don't pay taxes. I'm not rich enough to be a valuable citizen so as far as the alleged administration is concerned, I'm a nil-all loss.

I can't get flour without going out of the house and there's a delivery coming this afternoon that includes my weekly ration of sanity-restoring ice cream.

Beloved has been a sweetheart and ventured into the contamination zone to acquire a L'OR branded coffee mechanism which means I can continue to enjoy my L'or caffeine capsules that I can obtain in bulk care of Costco.

Speaking of Costco, I have maybe three cups worth of coffee whitening via my fave methods: pure cream and coconut milk. I have to either brave my terrors or send Beloved out to fetch those things from two firkin plague vectors. AKA: different shops.


I feel sick to my stomach. I'm frightened under the surface. I'm in danger of the sads as well. Fuck this shit. I hate it.

...also I wrote an entire thing because it's been possessing my brain and nobody I shared it with has shown me any love.

Fuck my life. Story time.