Challenge #02680-G123: Small, Cute, and Terrifying

Doctor: Human, you need to take it easy. Rest. Don't do anything strenuous for the next week.

Human: Alright, I'll stay at home and watch the kids.

Doctor: From what I know of human young, that is strenuous. -- Escla

[AN: Pffffft...]

The Humans had a saying for everything. Some have been adjusted slightly to be more inclusive, but the relevant one in this time and space was, No being is an island. Perhaps, with an added dash of, It takes a village to raise a child.

The Ships' Human, Orgo, had painfully sprained a large number of muscles on the last mission and, since he was intimately bonded with Human Lun, ze had taken over active duties whilst Orgo was under orders to rest.

Which left their child's maintenance under a large question mark, according to the rest of the crew. A family unit of Ships' Humans was good luck, many agreed, but a Human youngling was... problematic at best. Having seen what Humans did to 'child proof' their habitation, it was more than alarming when the small Human Pib figured out how to hack the main door lock before they had quite finished with their toilet training[1].

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