I got thi-- oh fuck

Sometimes, I am on the ball. Sometimes, the ball is on me.

The latter has been happening today. I got so wrapped up in a fun writing project that I lost track of time and almost missed watching the bus for Miss Chaos.

I finished that fun writing project, by the way. Allegedly more capability to focus on other things. Stop laughing at me in that tone of voice.

Discussion with Beloved happened soon after, and they forwarded an idea that could be fun or it could be devastating, I don't know.

Beloved said I should... (drumroll)

Blog about the 52 rejections project.

Obviously, I can't review the people who just don't get back to me. Also obviously, I can't remember who's already rejected Adapting, so this promises to be interesting.

There will be a classification of agent/publisher called Poe-level Cryptid. They don't get back to you if you're rejected, so their classification is because of the line from The Raven:

Silence there, and nothing more.

I'll be explaining the tag on Sunday when I actually have time (ha!) and blogging my 52 rejections experience, as well as tweeting about it.

If all else fails, I'll at least have a guide for other Indie authors like myself. I will be "attacking" one feedback-type publisher/agent per week and the Poe-level Cryptids once per day. All with Entitled-White-Man levels of ego and hubris.

Come on. If they can publish some elderly lit professor's semi-autobiographical tale of true love between his expy and his manic pixie dream girl student younger than his own daughter... they can spare a minute for whatever you call my nonsense.