Challenge #02606-G049: Rude Questions Welcome

A family is traveling home after spending time with friends and relatives for a holiday. The children are bored and ask their father, a botanical researcher, to tell them about the human companions that they got to travel with. -- Anon Guest

"You do understand that I'm better with plants," said their Papa. "I've heard a lot of things about Humans and some of them might even be true."

The children laughed, so too did the Human sharing the travel lounge with them. "I can confirm or deny," said the N'Ozzie named Jef, "but I can't confirm or deny that my confirmations or denials are at all accurate."

More laughter from the kids. N'Ozzies and humans alike might be Deathworlders with a reputation for literally everything, but they also had a reputation for being entertaining. Long trips were especially good because most Humans had a short amuse-by date. When a Human gets bored, they create entertainment. For themselves, for others, for innocent bystanders[1]... Humans pack potential entertainment for long interstellar trips. Road Trip Bingo isn't it.

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