It's the morning after the night before and, despite having D&D, I'm reasonably well-rested.

The session ended early - about 9:30ish because new shenanigans should really include more people at the table than my immediate family members plus one.

Boy howdy, there were shenanigans.

The rescue of the nobles in the house turned into a clusterfuck when the Lord told us his wife was indirectly responsible for the fireballing of some innocent children. This made the Barbarian rage and attack the Lady, and definitely screw the metaphorical pooch.

It ended, for him and me, with a headlong flight from The Scene.

My dude(whilst running): I told you not to do anything stupid!
Him (also running): I did what was right.

My character possibly has the brain cell for this group. May the D&D gods help us all.

I shall attempt to write an Instant real quick, but if it gets to 8:30 before I'm done, I'm off for the rest of the day. Yay?

I got two hours and a bit. Let's do this.