I Failed HAM

I blame slow load times. Some program or another or many of them just decided to drag their metaphorical feet [I had too many of them going at once, doy] so I ended up swapping between tasks and getting distracted and losing time to assorted sinks.

I literally can't do that, today.

At ten, I'm taking myself to the optometrist because I'm having trouble with my glasses. I might have to get new frames because my detachable sunnies are delaminating [and I permalost one set so bleh] but I'm in a place in my life where I can drop a heinous amount on new shit and be grateful instead of regretful for its impact.

Glasses are needlessly expensive, yo. Ask Adam Conover.

Then at two, I'm hosting one of the peeps in charge of our yard to have a natter about the future of the expanse of our lawn. Coming to an arrangement about grass, weeds, what we're keeping et cetera.

I have a crowded day. So I'm focussing on just the writing I need to do.

No further education anticipated today. No twiddling around with RPG Maker or any of that nonse.

Just the writing.

Let's go.