Challenge #02203-F013: Pride Goeth... -- Anon Guest

[AN: Offensensitivity warning for anglo-saxon four-letter words in the lyrics]

If there is any sign of a sickening nation, it is national egotism. Every time a nation gets a metaphorical big head, it is destined for collapse. Britannia did, once, rule the waves. Then it's empire collapsed in a rash of independence after the nation nearly collapsed due to two multinational wars in rapid succession.

America, once, was a great nation. Then it pretty much ate itself via greed and avarice. It lingered in pretending greatness whilst sliding inexorably towards collapse.

Just as France, Rome, Egypt, Turkey, and Mongolia once ruled significant portions of the world. All fell victim to egotism and an illusion of untouchability before their collapse. Other symptoms vary, but a nation doomed to collapse is always egotistical about its own prowess before crawling steadily towards decay.

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