I can do this... I think

Friday's a big day for me, now. Huge. Some things have to wait and it's usually the stuff that involves copying and pasting.

Today's agenda:

  • Blog
  • Schedule my Blasts From the Past
  • Instant Story
  • 1000 words for the novel
  • Patreon thing
  • FOUR HOURS OF CLEANING [with potential for more asthma. Huzzah.]

Ever since I let myself relax with WordPress, it's been slightly easier for me, but there's still the guilt if I don't get every little thing done.

And I know I can do most of the writer things in my set time window if I try at it. The important part is not allowing myself to be distracted.

Stop laughing.

It is possible. I have done it before. It's just... tricky.

Wish me luck.