Challenge #01640-D179: Wonderful Things?

[Blunt summary of situation]

So your job is, as our mutual boss put it, to "swiftly unfuck this shit posthaste." Good luck. -- RecklessPrudence

It had made the news a year before Rael was recognised as a cogniscent being by the CRC and the lawsuit began to completely free him and his kind from corporate slavery. Four years into relative freedom, and the Archivaas, Forensic Analysts, and assorted science crews had finally finished scouring the area for the slightest clue. News like a pristine and untouched 'bubble' in the Glunk is the sort of thing that gets nerds of all kinds excited. Even the SPOEns got involved, though there was really nothing for them in it.

Now it was his turn.

Rael now had a special pass that let him this close to the Treatment Lock, where crews of technicians were using whatever worked on the current boundary of the Glunk, and a series of mobile walls and automated decontamination machinery.

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