I am definitely not well

Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season got me. Ugh. I have a dose of Whatever Is Going Around so my plans aren't much more elaborate than make my Instant and Take Naps. If I get a Wordpress Wednesday done today, it will likely be very late and not very coherent. My apologies in advance.

My keyboard is still broken on a key I use a LOT so things are slow. I'd rather do everything on my lappy, but everything is not on my lappy. Most stuff is on my main compy. Which has a broken keyboard :P

Also I drank a diet coke that was at least a year old and it tasted like arse, but IDK if that was the coke or my lack of tastebuds. Bleh.

I shall be drinking lots of tea and taking lots of naps. Cats optional.