Challenge #02450-F260: Proof Positive

Don't mind me, I’m just listening to “back in black” with Tesla coils -- Anon Guest

For those who need proof that Humans, a class four point five Deathworld species, are the indomitable space orcs everyone says they are, look no further than the Zeusaphone.

Humanity harnessed the electron. Harnessed electromagnetic radiation. They used both to make music. They used it to create artificial lightning. Then they noticed that the lightning could make music-like sounds. The faraday cage, always boon to those who 'played' with Tesla Coils[1], soon evolved into the Faraday Suit, and dance joined the performances of musical lightning.

Then Humanity had to further what they called "The Fun" by making merchandised Tesla Coil kits. Now just anyone with enough knowhow to read and follow instructions could have tamed lightning in the relative safety of their own home. Which meant that just anyone could play their music via bolts of plasma.

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