I'm getting better...

It's funnier if you read that title a la Monty Python.

The majority of the sniffles are gone, but the harsh throat and the mondo migraine are lasting reminders that life is pain and anyone saying any different is selling you something.

In other news: AO3 has won a Hugo Award, and the people behind it are sharing it with all the fanficcers who are members. Since I am a member, can I legitimately add "Hugo Award Winner" to my Authorial resume whilst still an Indie Writer? Or would I garner sneers because everyone would know it's for my fanfic?

Seriously, though, if you sneer at fanfic, you are not my friend. There's many a fanfic that does better work than the pro stuff. Just as there's many a fanfic that reads like someone rubbed their butt all over a keyboard and let autocorrect do the rest. Thing is, you don't get to the good stuff without having written the horrible stuff. Writing is a learned skill, and writing well is a distinction we all have to learn.

This isn't some Dick and Jane writing exercise from Primary(Grade) school, folks. There are people out there who write novel-length and longer fictions with all the style and panache of famous name writers. The fact that 'fan' is a prefix shouldn't matter. Haters gonna hate, judgers gonna judge, I guess.

I should save the fanficcery rant for next Wednesday. That's starting to sound like some primo rant material. My open letter to conservatives happened this morning after I got the news that the Muppet committed treason again, and I logically concluded that this would change nothing.

For now, though, I gotta focus on what y'all wanna see out of me. Who knows? I might have some fanfic to post by tonight. I don't hold out hopes, though. I just keep on keeping on anyway.

Off I go then, keeping on.