Groundhoggening: Day Zero

Once again, someone turned up in Queensland with symptoms. They're in isolation, but it's still Day Zero and I'm starting to get ropeable. I want to feel free to just go out and wander around and see what's what again. Instead of the laser-guided Get The Thing missions that have been all of my shopping since March.

I miss being able to just browse. I miss looking around and getting ideas from things. I miss D&D nights. I miss being able to visit MeMum. I miss the random barbecues with other family.

I miss random-arse connections with strangers.


In the news:

  • ScoMo promises a safe vaccine will be "as mandatory as we can make it". Considering that it needs to get into 95% of the population, it's going to be enforced by the law for sure. As in - no jab certificate, then no job, no travel, no benefits... I can hear the Antivaxxers screaming from here
  • There's now links between Covid-19 and Type 1 diabetes in kids. Yay >:(
  • A doctor ran 36km whilst wearing a mask (properly) to debunk all the spurious oxygen claims of antimaskers
  • Repugnicans are planning to vote Democrat :\
  • Most of the big names behind this sudden and inevitable betrayal are people the Muppet has previously fired
  • NSW is under harsh weather warnings
  • It looks like we're getting severe flooding this year instead of runaway bushfires
  • China's using semi-legal shenanigans to allegedly ruin Australia's wine industry, clogging the system with false dumping claims

It's Bus O'Clock. Time to write in my novel.