Challenge #02779-G222: And There Was Only One Bed

Archivist finds a Treasure Trove in a Library's donation of 'source material, just old papers'. Stored in time seal conditions. Just one problem to the end of all their funding problems it was all hand written. -- Anon Guest

It was a sealed box in one of the Pre-Shattering Permaplastics. Someone had scrawled, "rando papers" in permanent marker across the lid. Scanners indicated that it was still hermetically sealed. This required care and attention to detail.

Good thing the Archivaas were an order of information-obsessed weirdos for whom that was a normal Twosday night. Sealed room with clever air pressure modifications to keep any ancient pathogens in, check. Also heavily sealed livesuit with touch-reaction gloves, check. Every possible means of recording the unboxing at every angle including the helm and eyecam, check. An entire team of fellow nerdy historians looking on and prepared to commentate the proceedings. Of course, because these were like-minded nerds, they were also prepared to give opinions that nobody asked for.

This was a treasure chest of incalculable historical value. Priceless to the right people. Worthless to the wrong ones. The Archivaas could not think otherwise, since Terran history had lost vast chunks of its records via colonisation waves known as The Shattering. The fight to get even the smallest fragment of it back was known by Archivaas everywhere. That said, they were a cult so magnificently obsessed with their own mission that even other Humans called them insane.

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