Wednesday! (Day 4)

It's a new day and there's a lack of cyclone headaches or asthma kicking my butt, so today's shenanigans will include a minimum of One Process for making the bunch of masks I've been gassing about for way too long.

It's 7AM as I write this and I am Chaos' least favourite person at the moment because I forgot to wake her at 6 like I usually do. Less time for shenanigans.

In the news:

  • Political rallies have Teh Failz now that they've gone digital
  • Two covidiots flee quarantine in Perth, and one of them literally laughed at the lawkeepers who phoned her
  • Scotty from Marketing announces that the Covid-19 vaccine will be free, if it's proved safe
  • Also annual boosters will be necessary
  • Second wave in Victoria may have been sparked by a family whose kids spread fecal matter in their room. BLAUGH. There is so much wrong with that entire mental image. Said family were allowed outside under supervision [I presume so the room could be rendered hazmat fresh] and the contamination events sprang from there. Control your fucking kids, Karen and Korey. Jeez
  • Muppet strikes back at the Obamas' criticism of him with typical childish tantrums and twitter
  • There's a mutated strain of the Plague apparently originating in Malaysia, it currently has the unpronounceable designation D614G, so I'm calling it Plague2
  • New treatment is evolving from something in pineapples. Please do not rush out and get a buttload of pineapples, it's an enzyme for which you probably need a truckload of the things
  • Plague restrictions meant a mum couldn't see her newborn until today. Bub needed emergency care in Queensland and she couldn't cross the border because restrictions. This may or may not have a lasting impact on the family bonding
  • Melbourne Nurse infected with the Plague is apparently "safe" to return to work and I'm like ???????
  • Victoria now realising that a few Karens can spoil everything for months on end. Their lockdown now has to be longer, wider, and stricter
  • In good news, a racist got knocked the fuck out in London's Tube system
  • NZ PM hits back at the Muppet for calling the NZ brief second wave a "surge"
  • One smartarse invented a mask-shooting gun and there's footage of him testing it on himself. Highly amusing
  • Redditor who posted a conspiracy theory about NZ's second wave now has so much regret
  • Victoria finally recording a drop in plague cases

This weeks' bread making is dependent entirely on whether or not Chaos' school needs more loaf. I have no idea what I'm doing in this weeks' Wordpress, so it's probably going to be A Chapter Of... unless I get a bug up by butt about something else whilst writing today's Instant.

Speaking of, I'd better get on with that...