Groundhog Day Zero

There's been an outbreak in Brisbane and it may be linked to the person who tested negative all the way to Japan. Investigations are proceeding at all due speed. Contract tracing and massive testing is about to spring forth.

Google doesn't want to give even one red cent to news sources it gains literally billions of dollars from advertising surrounding their searches. They're also up in arms about forced transparency behind their almighty algorithm. As a direct result, they're threatening Australians with a release of all their private data.

To me, that seems like my data was never secure in their hands and they're just now admitting that they can hold the entire world's information hostage any time they like. This includes everything stored in my cloud drive. Or anyone else's for that matter.

Naturally, I'm seeking alternatives. Let's make "free cloud drive -google" the trending search term. Put the wind up them.

Pity I just got a new Pixel. It's not worth the expense to trade in for a different brand. We'll see if it gets more worth it if Google keeps up the tantrum. Knowing my Beloved, and other like-minded nerds, progress has already commenced on a 100% Australian cloud server that's just been made more reliable by said shenanigans. Whee.

Today, I plan to make bread. We're going to slice it, bag it up, and pop it in the fridge/freezer for later consumption. One big lump of bread is too much work for my family, and Beloved is the only house member who can cut a parallel slice, so that's why the PLN.

Fingers crossed, it actually works.

In other news:

  • Covidiots behind the word "plandemic" are now claiming that Covid-19 was patented and owned as early as 1999 by some megaglobomedicorp. I'm not diving any further into that cesspit of madness
  • Former advisor to the Muppet now under fraud charges for the attempt to crowdfund the wall
  • Political enemy of Vladimir Putin has been allegedly poisoned by unknown forces
  • Muppet's attempt to stop his tax records going into court has failed
  • Muppet holds a tanty over Obama's callout of him
  • Google definitely deliberately cut services to Australia as a big-old dummy spit about having to pay people for things
  • We've had so many people skipping out of quarantine that ankle bracelets are looking to be the next step
  • Quarantine Hotel Clusterfuck continues, and it could only be worse by the hotel rooms also being on fire
  • Google accused of being a bully and a meaner by Australia

...Google expected to throw a huge hissy over that last one.

Meanwhilst, I have had the sideway-est day of my life so far. Story as soon as I can brain the words out.