Challenge #02781-G224: Dear Employee...

If you really want to make a politician sweat write them a handwritten letter. I do this, (a) It's rare, and they are obliged to answer. But first of course they have to find someone who can read longhand, neat, correctly spelt, longhand. Which of course forces them to focus on the contents. -- Nonny the Mouse.

[AN: I'm sure I did something to this point somewhere before...]

People want to make politicians think. The problem with this is that the politicians don't want to do that. In valiant efforts to gain their attention, various methods were attempted. Back before electronic media, the way to go was a neatly-written letter of complaint.

That was decades ago. Since the time when handwriting was the primary means of communication, those in places of power have set up barriers between themselves and any thought-provoking letter of complaint.

This is now. In an office for sorting the mail for an administrator of shenanigans, one sorter of mail comes across an anomaly. The envelope and stamp are in place, so it had to be mail, but the rest was... unintelligible. The ink on the front was loops and curves, interspersed with slashes and dots. Someone in the mailing system must have understood it, but this particular sorter did not. They passed it on to the Unreadables Office.

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