GDI it's cold

There's something wrong about it being the coldest days of the year after the winter equinox. I can't put my finger on it, precisely, but it strikes me as the height of illogic that all the cold happens after the shortest day of the year.

I'm still journeying out in this noise to add staples and screws to the Kitty Kondo(tm) frame. My weak noodly writer muscles weren't enough to hold the staplegun above my shoulders, so Beloved kindly stapled the top and middle of the mesh. It's up to me to do the bottom of the mesh and add any extra stability to the roof. Yay.

In the middle of the lazy winds.


The PLN, such as it is, is the usual write-a-little-do-a-little that worked so well with both noodly writer arms and big hefty power tools. I just need to be certain that the drill has the right bit and I should be set. Note the qualifier.

Then I get around to metal-wrangling and some fun times with that BS. Whee.