Challenge #02379-F189: For a Thousand Years

"I believe there's something good in him."

"That's childish."

"So? Children can be right too." -- Anon Guest

"We're talking about a man who has rounded up millions of people, put them into life-endangering camps when he and his cohort couldn't outright kill them, denied them basic human rights, denied them humanity, cowed the populace with both his super-loyal adherents and threats of physical and legal violence, and is one hundred percent in favour of eliminating anyone who isn't a member of a very narrow idyllic model that even he doesn't adhere to. He's a hypocrite; a dangerous, demented blowhard of a hypocrite and if someone doesn't stop him, he could destroy the world as we know it."

"Oh, he's not that bad," dismissed the devils' advocate, who co-incidentally fit the narrow, idealistic mould to a T. "And he's not doing any of those things you say he is. He's just relocating the undesirables to a more appropriate holding facility. The deaths are incidental and accidental. You're blowing it all out of proportion. This is for the greater good."

"Everyone's greater good? What proof have you got?"

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