Game day!

It's the Friday I've been looking forward to for what feels like forever. I get to go in and do D&D with Mayhem and even though tonight is likely going to be all plot&plan, I am STOKED.

One way or another, I'm going to learn about Homebrewing and I might enlist KIABIL to help out there since he's done that sort of thing before and actually knows the ropes instead of talking out of his arse.

Long rant about the whole trilogy advice coming to naught worn out and not going over it again, thankyou.

Mayhem is down with the viral tummy bug going around the school, so a day of rest and hydration is well advised. I'm getting him to do his own doctor's appointment and so far, he's up to downloading the app -_-

Baby steps.

Practice now, so he doesn't have to fret later.

So now instead of cramming Friday's writing into half a day, I now have to cram Friday's writing around a Medico visit to acquire doctor's note, plus the munchies and game run in the evening. Woot.

I'm'a need my caffeine today, my friends.