Challenge #02238-F048: The Scale Economy

Being tall means either not being able to see things under a certain height, or constantly looking down and getting a hunch. -- Anon Guest

Here's the thing about Standard Galactic Spaces - they're big. They're made for accessibility for all known cogniscents, from the size of a Terran Terrier through Jelly Dancer swarm to that of a Synapsian Titan. It's easy to forget that there are smaller species who don't see a reason why they have to accommodate others in their ship design. They are, after all, the only people they expect to be on their own ships.

That was true. Until the Galactic Alliance had the bright idea of the Officer Exchange Program. Until recently, the Galactic Alliance didn't have a unified fleet with a unified design, and many peoples were against creating such basic homogeneity. Galactic Standards fit for measurement, for living standards, for describing when and how a cogniscent needed assistance... but it was not, they insisted, for ships that would help protect and serve their allies.

It was the Humans who came up with the Exchange Program as a means of creating avenues of greater understanding amongst the Alliance and other assorted polities who saw this as a means of enforcing the point vis-a-vis standard fleet vessel design. This is also why Human Vann is working out how to get anywhere in a V'rinithi-made vessel.

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