Fun times ahead

I've been trying to transfer my music files into #myphonebygoogle, with varying degrees of success. Our current, dropbox model has hit a snag, in that the phone must be active in order to download.

Google Pixel has a maximum activation period of half an hour. There is no 'never' option and no assumption that a user is clever enough to hook the phone up to a power source whilst that shit is going on.

I mean, come on, google. We were smart enough to swap over to your phone in the first place. We should be clever enough to work out that a power supply is vital if we want our phone to light its screen for a really long time.

And the downloads slow down to a stop when the phone goes dark. Like, you can download updates whether you want them or not... why not also download the things you want while it's dark? But no, that would just make my life easier. And making my life easier is apparently against the law.

And in an extra added hiccup, it doesn't always restart downloading if you re-activate after a long time. I'm currently watching a zero bytes-per-second download with few options bar starting over. And I don't want to start over. I'd like it if I could just hook my phone up to my compy and treat it as an exterior drive. But as I mentioned earlier, Google and Apple both have this small war going on.


Of course, it'd be real easy if I could just use iTunes in my Pixel Download it all off of my account.

No such luck, I am sure. So far, any and all attempts to get non-streaming music onto my phone as actual data and not a stream have been... disappointing.

But in other news, we're rebuilding Bitzer's hip crank. Our last attempt had the fail when it broke on the first day. Hooks designed to hold the clock case on my hip stuck to the backing/front for the clock just fine. It was that the backing/front delaminated under enough force. And the handle kept falling off.

So we've printed a new backing/front, new clips, and a new handle in two parts. The interesting bit will be transferring the egg cup/bead embellishments onto the new handle. That's a two-person job. I have to cut the old coathanger handle and I need someone to make sure all the bits don't attempt a flight to Mars.

Re-threading those beads if they go off-centre is going to be the absolute biggest bitch since Clifford's girlfriend. Therefore I would rather avoid it.

The other interesting bit is going to be glueing both parts of the handle together. I made the handle shaft slightly bigger so that there's room for improvisation, but I suspect that that's going to be another big bitch.

I refer you to the title of this blog entry.