Mayhem needs some paperwork signed at his traineeship. I, therefore, have to uproot my usual Friday routine, get a transit card, travel with Mayhem to the city, sign documents, travel back, go home, and then fulfil my usual daily tasks.

At least I'm taking my lappy with me so I can work on my novel in transit. One bright point is that I get my 1K words in relatively early so I can focus (ha!) on other things.

What it means to you - today's story will be hellishly late. It might not even turn up until really late.

The plus side, if there is such a thing, is that I'm highly likely to get more fanfic done on the trip back.

Meanwhile, in order to get this crap done, Beloved has to stay home late to make sure Chaos gets on her bus. Because schedules are a bitch.

It's almost six. Off I go.