Challenge #02108-E285: Failed Medicine Check

"What happened?"

"The kobold was thirsty and drank some brandy by accident." -- Anon Guest

On the plus side, the enemy was getting a routing it never suspected from a foe they couldn't even focus on. On the minus side, this had to be doing something awful for Chrysanthemum's bodily systems. Dragonkin had different biology to mammalian lifeforms. A drop of alcohol might dull a human's senses, but to one of reptillian descent... It was like a plus three Potion of Haste.

Lady Anthe was currently a blur of destruction and devastation amongst the underground cult of the devastator. Bodies flung into the air, cells opened so violently that the doors flew off the hinges, the altar exploded into a shower of rubble, and cultists' robes burst into flames. Wraithvine, carefully gathering ingredients from the environment, leaned over to Marvin and said, "Exactly how much brandy did she have?"

Marvin helplessly showed Wraithvine the empty skin that used to contain the brandy. "Tried t' tell her it weren't water, but by then it was gone."

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