Friday, Unfuckening Day PLNs

It's been raining, so all the fair-weather plans are tucked aside. Not that we had many plns to begin with.

What I am plotting is to do some house unfuckening to help my Beloved. All I will say to her is keep both sinks clear and she may get a nice surprise.

Which will be me hand-washing all the meal prep containers she hates putting through the dishwasher. Mua haha.

Also the usual nonsense of the day, and fixing a map because I finally read the details. Blargh.

It's a map my players will be running on next. Yay. So I'd better fix that right quick.

Then I have more chambering to do and figuring out what I'm doing with all my peeps in The Merchant of Lies. Also yay.

A Devil's Tale is so much easier to work with. At least right now. We shall see how that goes in the future.

One day at a time. I should not fight tomorrow's troubles today. Today's tricks are tricky enough.