Friday, Unfuckening and Changes

Beloved's gradual beautifying of the entire dang house has influenced me... into doing little things to make the household environment a smidge more catalogue-ready.

I tidied up the ensuite this morning, and added some pretty soaps to the larger bathroom. And now I wait to see if anyone notices, just like any true chaos gremlin.

I like being benevolently sneaky :D

Today's agenda includes cleaning the Catio and possibly ranting about Everything, Everywhere, All at Once because that movie KICKS ASS. If you get a chance to watch it, watch it. You're welcome.

Wuxia with family dynamics, multiversal philosophical nihilism, and Jackie Chan levels of martial arts. And a feelgood happy ending. SEE IT.

I might ask Beloved to help me with the bottles and cans before we go taking me on a Sugar Bender this weekend. The dang things are starting to take over.

Speaking of, I need to start a new bottle&can bag before I start on today's nonsense.

Benevolently sneaky. It's a lifestyle choice.