Friday Fuck-Around

Today's Friday, it's promising to be blisteringly hot in the office and I am thinking hard about digging into my compy fund to get air conditioning in my office rather than my current routine of retreating to the bedroom and accidentally aestivating.

It's the opposite of hibernating. Look it up.

This morning, I am Mayhem's transit manager. AKA, I'm getting him down to the station on time. Which means Beloved is left with the task of making sure Chaos gets on the bus. Yay.

There seems to be a group of people determined to be sure I always have three TAZ prompts in my Tumblr inbox and I love them all. I only regret not being able to actually fulfil their fanficcy dreams until later in the evening.

The first casualty of the summer heat happened - it was too hot to make sure a post posted, so I reposted it this morning. Hopefully, the followers of my professional tumblr site aren't too miffed with me.

I have fetch quests today, a thousand words today, and a whole lot of nonsense today.

Most of this will be happening in the bedroom and it shouldn't. But it's so hot already.

Fuck climate change. Fuck this heat. Fuck my tender temperature sensitivity.