Challenge #02116-E293: Lest Ye Be Judged...

we poisoned our air and water to weed out the weak.

we set off fission weapons in our own biosphere.

we nailed our GOD to a stick.

humans are the monsters that monsters fear.

the demons lurking in the void. -- Anon Guest

Offensensitivity warning: Deathworlder studies, Human content.

Planet Terra, aka Earth. Origin point of the species who call themselves Human. Though a class 4.5 Death World, the intelligent life from there rates a 5. Here, we will examine the behaviour that earned them the rating.

Artifact: a small art object of a cross bearing a small human effigy on its surface. Measuring five centidu[1] long and made of gold. There is a hole at one end to affix to a pendant chain. Recovered from a dig on a graveworld associated with Human remains. See appendix # Graveworld 523O5, remains set # 239-YX1-094 for full details.

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