I'm gonna do it...

Nice Mr Taxman has given me an unexpected $2K so I am using this opportunity to visit Good Guys and get my office a firkin air conditioner. Reverse cycle window thing because apparently you need a pro to install a split system, but if you get a window one, you can install it yourself. Provided you have enough muscle.

Good news: I can get one that heats and cools if I want to.

Better news: I may be able to get Beloved to install it.

Best news: I'll still have money left after I get one.

So my PLNs today include getting my hair done - I'm planning an undercut and dye job just because - getting a cheesecake, and definitely, definitely buying an air conditioner.

It's not even November, and already, the days are sweltering.

Global warming deniers come sit in my backyard for the day and dare to deny it after that.

My plan for saving for my lappy is still ongoing. Usually, whenever I accomplish over $2K in my bank account, I transfer $1K into my dreams account. When I finally hit $8K, it will be lappy time.

Expect a fun post on that topic when it happens.