Friday, Day Zero, Bread

Four new cases, taking the count to twenty-seven. They're all overseas cases and the authorities are looking for the daughter of a case who may have been infected during a hospital visit. She might have somehow missed all the PSA's all over the place with pictograms and simple language as part of their design features.

The Repugnicans left their spines at home during the Impeachment vote. Only ten of them actually stood up and admitted their alleged leader was a sack of crap masquerading as a human being. The rest of them abstained, I think. I haven't looked very hard

I'm staying mostly away from the political news, so here's what else is happening:

  • Mum and three kids found dead in NSW and the man of the household greeted police outside in the front yard. Suspicions currently lean towards murder-suicide, but I'm narrowing my eyes at the survivor. Years of watching forensics is to blame here and I know it
  • Aussie coal is still getting into China by other avenues. Whoopsydoodle
  • Novavax jab won't go ahead until 50 million Astrazenaca jabs are made
  • Karen goes viral for trying to reserve a parking space, abusing a teenager in the process
  • Muppet's campaign doomed by his fave communications media - Twitter
  • Fast-rollout vaccine protects those jabbed from the virus, does not stop transmission and carrying
  • Dude photographs tree-pattern in lake overflow resulting from storms

I have just about finished a map for my imaginary realm of Whitekeep, and I think my next doodl project will be my dude as I imagine him. One full body and one portrait.

I may even experiment with trying to actually paint without an outline. We shall see. However, today's big arts and farts project is Bread. We're going to leave one loaf sliced and out, and freeze the other one.

Onwards to fiction.